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What do people mean when they say "Baba ijebu pay me my dough"?

The phrase baba ijebu pay me my dough as many people put it doesnt really mean that baba ijebu owes them some money. What it simply means is that they will win once they take part in the lottery and as a result, baba ijebu will be required to pay their dough referring to money should they win.

So, why do people say that Baba Ijebu pay me my dough? This statement is commonly misinterpreted to mean that Baba Ijebu owes these people some money. However, that is not the case. The use of the Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough phrase is, on the contrary, a sign of enthusiasm and unbounded hope that people for people showing up prior to or after playing the lottery.

People are fond of quoting this phrase in the belief that they stand a good chance of scooping some money once they win the game. Therefore, this is the whole idea behind the statement  its a phrase of optimism for those taking part in the lottery!

How do I play Baba Ijebu?

Step 1: Choose a draw to play in (all draws are the same format, just at different times)
Step 2: Select 5 numbers between 1-90
Step 3: Minimum vager N50, maximum N50,000

The draws take place in Lagos every day 6 times per day. 5 numbers from 1-90 will be selected at random.

NAP Games

The winning depends on the game you chose. Here is the table of NAP bet and multiplications:

Bet TypeNumbers MatchedMultiplier
Nap 11 (first number drawn)x 40
Nap 22x 240
Nap 33x 2,100
Nap 44x 6,000
Nap 55x 44,000

PERM Games

The winning depends on the game you chose. Here is the table of PREM bet and multiplications:

Bet TypeNumbers selectedAmount of Lines
Perm 233
Perm 246
Perm 2510
Perm 2615
Perm 2721
Perm 2828
Perm 2936
Perm 21045
Perm 344
Perm 3510
Perm 3620
Perm 3735
Perm 3856
Perm 3984
Perm 310120


You want to calculate your odds at winning the Baba Ijebu Jackpot? You must choose a sequence of 5 numbers correctly to win. The lowest number you can choose is 1. The highest number you can choose is 90. A given number can only be chosen once per try (per lottery ticket, etc.)

You have a 1 in 43,949,268

Just remember this good saying: "To win, you have to play!"

Baba Ijebu Lotto

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