Review The absolute worst customer service. One of my worst days on earth

Review of F.G. Onyenwe Enterprises

The absolute worst customer service. One of my worst days on earth
So I boarded the night bus at Maza-maza to Abuja after missing my flight at the airport on the 29/07/2019 and that was one of the worst decisions I ever made.
Firstly I was there at 6pm because I was promised we would leave by 7:30pm and I wanted to be on time.
Boy was I wrong ?
WE FINALLY LEFT THE PARK BY 11:30pm and by 12:00am we were still at Oshodi.

Around 9pm I was fuming and I wanted to know what the hold up was about so I met the manager drinking just outside the bus with his cronies WHO WAS THE RUDEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET IN MY ENTIRE LIFE and he tells me he still has 2 empty seats and the bus wasn’t moving till the seats fill up.
I was dumbfounded. I had to get the number of a manager online who promised to call the manager and make sure we leave immediately but even him had no headway.

We finally left after they scrounged up passengers by 11pm and by then I knew I was in for a very terrible experience.

When we reAched Zuba the driver stopped and made us wait for minutes so the owners of the waybill parcels will pick them up instead of them to do the right thing and pick them up at the office further delaying us.

After conversing with my fellow passengers I discover that it’s their modus operandi.
The only people to make it bearable for me was the online manager I talked to who called my by 11am when I got into Abuja and the driver who sped as much as he could.

Suffice to say I will NEVER BE USING THEIR SERVICES AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Im sure I will not get a response from their management. I’m hopeful they will prove me wrong
I know this ain't my business cos I don't work with the company any more, I am the manager you got his number online , I remember you vivdly and am sorry for your experience in that day , I believe the manager of the branch you boarded from must have good explanations to what happened in that day ... I'd love to speak to you again . ********

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