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Why locked my account with my Bitcoins
Why are you guys so hard and you say stay out from scammers but you're the scam Lock my account with my Bitcoins inside guys better unlock my account back this real fucking dem ashole wallet...fucking support team and fucking company poor support team...God knows how foolish you guys are sure the Nigerian are the biggest scam support..

Very poor performance.
You need to stop playung with people money. At least tell them something. I wonder if they can do what they say safe and secure and a lot of stuf they say. If you cant just sign out of the crypto business. Time is noney you can waste people time and money. Is fuckd up.
Transfer failed
Hello yellow card since last month 14th i transfer bitcoin worth of $2,100 to another blockchain wallet and the transfer was failed and since then I have not gotten back refund, and is getting me worried because the owners of the bitcoin are not giving me rest of mind, and I’m not understanding this anymore because their not ready to listen to me please Yellow card fix this issue as soon as possible...!!! Is more thank 15 days and I have not gotten refund how kind does it take to resend refund? ????????????

Yellow card
Been using yellow card for a while now, I had issues of failed transfer and that took weeks before I got it back with constant talking to support and later they went into scamming me of my bitcoin, I have been having issues, Whenever a bitcoin is sent into my yellow card wallet I don’t receive it and it shows up on blockchain network then when I check I found out that it has been sent out to another address and upon checking my wallet history there was nothing in it, it was about 1400$ and till this moment am still talking to yellow card support and nothing has been done, they are using their private key to steal people’s bitcoin, I went to their office at VICTORIA ISLAND and upon my surprise it was a residential place, please don’t trade with yellow card because they are just a bunch of scammers ripping people of their hard earned money, they don’t even have a direct contact like Patricia that you can reach out to, they are just some bunch of scammers
Best rates
I enjoy using Yellow Card as they offer the best rates without trading fees. Super cool! They also have very helpful customer support. When I have issues with their platform, they are prompt to help.
Providus bank suddenly changing to Access bank In my yellow card bank deposit
My name is Emmanuel Ayokanmi
My yellow card Number is ********
I am having serious issues with Yellow card
And its my first time using it with such disappointment
The first day I wanted to deposit into my yellow card wallet through the bank deposit
It indicates that I should pay into providus bank Acct No-******** on August 11
Then suddenly on August 12
They had given me a new Account Number and Bank to pay into
It was Access bank
Acct no-********
Company name:Yellow card financial Nigeria LTD 4
Reference code:********
So I made the deposit of 9800 Naira to the Access bank Account on August 13,2020. 10:04AM
Though I didn't include the reference code in my deposit Because I just went to a POS stand to deposit the money
Transaction Number for the deposit is ********
The Merchants Name is Onakoya Investment (remember I used a POS stand to deposit the money)
Please I have been restless all this while
My Funds hasn't reflected in my wallet
I kept sending Emails but those responding are just giving me nonsense replies
I want a concrete solution to my issue please so I would have positive thoughts about your company or else I would have to report you to access bank in hope to refund my Money to me
I will attach the pictures of the receipts I collected from the POS point which I made the Deposit,and also the Providus former acct number and also the Access bank Acct number pictures
Please I give Yellow card company 48 hours to review my issue
If not
I will be forced to go complain to access bank Concerning the Account I paid the money into that it was fraudulent
I want my 9800 naira to reflect in my Yellow card wallet as soon as possible please
Yellow card number is ********

Curious to know if you've gotten the solution to this issue.