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Beautiful place
My entire trip from start to finish was seamless. The itinerary was thorough and Clearview Travels did all to make everything SMOOTH and PERFECT.

I found the travel arrangements to be very satisfactory.

I went to Dubai in August for a few days in which I covered the most beautiful building ‘Burj Khalifa’, Dessert safari, Dubai mall, and a few other attractions and beach.

Firstly, it is a clean city and well planned.

One won’t have communication problem as most of people in Dubai can speak and understand your language.

My favourite attraction was the Burj Khalifa , one must visit it when in Dubai. It has a wonderful view and a mesmerising experience. You get the best view from there!

Lastly, Dubai is not only beautiful but also very safe for any age group.

In a doubt to visit Dubai? Don’t think twice. You will be highly satisfied. Choose Clearview Travels to have a memorable experience.

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