Review The Ethics of the company.

The Ethics of the company.
The company is very meticulous with the three "S"s in her ethics, Safety, Standard and Satisfaction of their clients. All three qualities clearly shown in the project designed recently . The design of a suspended warehouse with area 5564sq-meter. a world class project, a slab designed to withstand imposed load of a conveyor transferring material from ground floor to the suspended floor. The design was well analyzed with Orion building design software, St ad-pro steel design software which took care of the Portal frame steel roof. The project met all BS Code design requirements ,dully certified, safe, and economically satisfied. i wish to state that the company is well equipped with qualified Engineers, working round the clock to deliver safe, standard, and classical project. J.Palace Construction Ventures is truly Reliable in Designs and Construction.
Mr Miorgan Fred greetings to you. Great review the company appreciate all of you, who are putting quality effort to deliver on the Organization aims and objectives. The management will always ensure the mutual cooperation and support, as efficient and effective input will always be rewarded. More Grace to you.

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