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My Personal Experience
I came to Tofunmi Acu Medic Concepts at the end of August, 2020. And by the end of September, 2020 (a period of just one month), with a combination of intense therapeutic massage (masterly directed to strategic acu-pressure points) and well researched herbal prescriptions, my blood pressure came down from an average of 181/91 to an average of 135/70.
And not only that, my whole physiognomy came alive and glowing, my skin began to transform and shine, and my entire body began to function optimally. Even my body frame benefited from this process as I now stand perfectly erect.
In addition, I was taught little things that I can do on my own to further facilitate my healing/ recovery and keep me in good health. This included advisory on dietary matters. I tell you, it's a worthwhile experience.

Engr. Festus Adesina Obinaike

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