House For Sale Off Aideyan

  • 170ft by 200ft
200000000 NGN
Property Location
Property Presentation
House For Sale Off Aideyan
House For Sale Off Aideyan Off Ihama Benin Edo selling for ₦200,000,000.Benin Edo

170/100ft off Aideyan off ihama. 200m asking.

That is the property inside. Someone already offered 150m yesterday it came out and they refused.

To Buy/Sell Properties, Groceries, Pharmacies, Boutiques, Saloons Eateries. Plants/Facilities Valuations,

We satisfy your requests.
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Property Information
Categoryhouses for sale
Land Area170ft by 200ft
CityBenin City
Price200000000 NGN

Agent Contacts

Bezaleel Estate


Bezaleel Estate
Enyo Fuelling Station, Skido Busstop, Along Addo Road, Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria, Lagos

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