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The best ICT training center in Nigeria
Codeprof computer academy is a great citadel of ICT learning. Their instructors are highly experienced, they build you from scratch to professional level.
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codeprof computer academy a citadel of learning
I am glad to have passed through this great school. I Have never taught i will be a tech lover , but praise be to God, i am now an intermediate web developer.
I must say what I know about codeprof computer academy.
knowing about codeprof computer academy, and been trained by one of their great team of instructors and developers is one of the greatest things that have happened to my life. After finishing my course as a computer science student, It was really a hell for me to get a job. The skills they were looking out for in me was no where to be found on my cv. I decided to go online to search for solution to my problem, that was how i found out about codeprof team. I enroll for their private programming class at my house. To God be the glory,I am now working as a freelancer in web design and development. I am so grateful to the codeprof instructor assigned to me. God bless you so much Mr Thompson. Its your guy, Kabeer!.
The best of the best
Codeprof is definitely the right place to be if you want to build a career in computer programming. I remember vividly going to codeprof as a complete novice in computer programming and in less than 3 months, I was already writing web based applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL.

My time(3 months) there was super awesome, the instructors are just great, the environment was great also, and learning was fun too. I saw a lot of computer schools around, bit none convinced me like CodeProf did and they did not disappoint.
I got value for my money and time spent with them.

I currently work as a web developer now(all thanks to CodeProf)

Web development
Honestly, very rarely I write a review with my opinion or experience but now I have the intention to help people who want to be successful in programming, but first you need to know what you want about programming, this will actually help you learn more faster.
After searching with different computer academy about programming without success, I finally found Codeprof computer academy and they gave me the best knowledge about website development, which has helped me in building websites for companies and business sites for people.
I love the fact that, they will never leave you astray after learning with them, I can just call Thompson Musiliu anytime I have a problem, and he always attend to me. Their customer service is great and I'm even building another website for a company. I am very happy with Codeprof computer academy and I would recommend them to anyone trying to get coding knowledge. I am honored to be able to express my deep gratitude for their expertise in impacting knowledge.
If you need a solid knowledge about programming from A to Z, Codeprof computer academy is the company. Thanks to Codeprof computer academy.
Code prof,a guru
This is my mentor and instructor in programming languages, he can teach virtually all programming languages course, I will recommended him to anyone, if you want top notch programming languages that are hot cake in the market,such as : HTML,bootstrap, JavaScript, java, python,adobe illustrator,PHP,angular JavaScript, React,you are at the right place.