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My Experience at Family Care Hospital, Yenagoa
As the name implies, Family Care Hospital is another family outside your immediate family. I've been there in two occasions when my sister was sick.
Firstly, One striking thing is the serenity of their environment, from the entrance of the hospital you would notice how clean and calm it is, this is something to applaud because a clean environment helps start the healing process of any patient, I'm talking as an environmentalist by profession, a clean environment affects the sanity and behavior of humans.
Secondly,their staffs are learned, coordinated and well behaved. The treatment I got from them was great as most of the nurses on duty in the night shift were awake all through the night and were swift into action whenever I needed there attention.
I must commend their services are of global standard, don't hesitate to visit Family Care Hospital whenever you have any health related issues, as they have among others, wellness center, Child birth / Care units, Eye Care, Dental care, General Surgery, accident and emergency unit, advanced technology in fertility treatment. Indeed, Family Care Hospital, Yenagoa is one of the best in Nigeria.
My child was delivered safely span 4.5 kg without c's. By Dr. Nikade
Congratulations madam, We have his experience and God to thank for that.