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I'll say I'm very much impressed by the kind of service rendered by Pellucid Prime in 2 of their subsidiaries that have served me (Pellucid Transport and Pellucid Logistics). I am a student and I came across their advert sometime ago about taking traveling students from their different lodges/hostels to any destination. It sounded too good to be true, but I decided to give it a try. Two days to my traveling date, I called the company to book my ticket and after few questions by the customer care agent, he told me that I've been booked for Abuja as I requested. He told me to "please" keep my phone on and reachable to enable the Pellucid Driver get in touch with me on the day of my travel, as he (the driver) will be in front of my hostel before 6am (1 hour before departure time). On my traveling day, at exactly 5:30am, my phone rung and I picked up, it was the "Pellucid Driver", he asked if I'm ready and I said I'll be ready in 20 minutes, he said "okay, I'll be in front of your hotel in less than 20 minutes". Exactly 20 minutes after the last call, he called again and told me that he's already waiting in front of my hostel. I was like "are you sure these people are not spirits". I went down with my traveling bag and looked forward and he was already coming towards my direction, fear gripped me a bit until he said, "just leave the bag, it's my job to help you put the bag in the car". From there, he drove straight up to their take-off point in my campus where I met other traveling students already sitted and waiting for the departure time. In a nutshell, the journey was awesome and memorable because the driver was so so friendly and trained, the free WiFi service for every passenger on board, free refreshment, all courtesy of the company.

After my trip, I remembered that I forgot one of my bags in my room on campus, I called the logistics department of Pellucid Prime and gave them all the required information. After some hours, I reviewed both email and text message from the company informing me when my luggage will be on the road to my location and with that was my code generated by the company for me to track my luggage to know the exact location of my luggage at every given time.

I sincerely encourage every traveler to patronize Pellucid Prime in all their services. They are a very good example of good transport service. They gave me the reason that I don't have to surfer to make my money and also suffer to spend it.

Thanks to the entire management of Pellucid Prime.