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Purples Lighting is amazing, efficient, intelligent and very creative! Wowing!
your led screens are super brilliant, easy to maintain as you earlier claimed, rugged and affordable. for months now it has always been plug and play and on like some, we have not had any reason to replace from the free extras that came for maintenance. other branches are jealous of our maintenance free and brilliant screen you supplied! please keep the quality on the pace you supply! God bless you!
Bravo to the best Lighting Company in Nigeria!!!
Now We are glowing, Purples is really Satisfactory.
Its quite fortunate at the time we needed the best lighting system, Purples came along to satisfy my uneasily satisfiable desires for an extraordinarily simple and unique eventuation of the Church, thanks and may our Lord Jesus Christ continually bless you all at Purple Lighting Company! Be lifted! I guarantee Purples if he could satisfy me you are satisfied, trust me.
Wow, this is a great testimony. I have a burden about our church stage lighting LFC LOKOGOMA ABUJA, over months now the lights are not working effective, sometimes some work while sometime it work and seize.
If it's a problem, what does it take to put it in order in affordable way.
good day! possibly the signal cables (if using dmx controller) or the power panel etc... please contact Purples Stage Lighting Co for further enquiries, thank you!
December to Celebrate Was a Mind Changer!
Purples! Purples!! Purples!!!
How do I also rate you too..50 STARS!!!
You are a mind blower! You are very reliable, time conscious and affordable…lol
Keep the good work rolling, Pst Tope will always prefer you over anyone He!
Thanks Mr D. You made our year already!
PLC is the Awesome concert Transformer..Purples is the Best in Nigeria
I swear Purples Lighting Company, PLC is the Best Awesome Concert Transformer (BACT) 2018..
Purples is the Best Lighting Company in Nigeria...the award night was lit...thanks from the GLT House Nigeria. Kudos!
My wedding was made out of this planet by Purples lighting company
My wedding was awesome with purples lighting company lighting my event. Purples ligthing u guys are good thanks for making my wedding a memorable one