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Love stories, conflict management, ignition of ones relationship and lot more about marriage matters. I am grateful to God to be in the group and for meeting the counsellor. She is a blessing indeed.
The sessions are sooooo practical and insightful. Madam Bose Fawehinmi is really down to earth and ever willing to help.
This is a very helpful organisation which does wonderfully in providing guidance and counselling for couples..I have learnt a lot from using their services and it has benefited my family a lot..
MMI offers you sound and practicable relationship & family life counseling services based on godly values, real life experiences and trustworthy scientific data. The counselors are frank and down to earth but warm, loving and empathetic as well.

My wife and I had our premarital counseling with them spanning several months and it gave us a strong foundation as well as a jump start on many issues. Their words have continued to be like an angel shadowing us for good. They also remain our dependable fall back in challenging relationship decisions.

With them, you are definitely in tender but firm hands.
The best place to be is here. This is a place real people get to discuss real issues and get profound solutions. No better place to discuss relationship based issues than here.
I recommend Marriage Matters International to every family/couple. It is very insightful, practical and factual.
Marriage matters is a platform to enrich relationships and build stronger marital ties. It facilitates counselling classes for young adults, premarital couple and married alike. Its engineered by a seasoned professional with years of experience and as a result bringing life to many. Through the wealth of knowledge, individuals and couples are carried along in view and prepare their hearts and minds for a better journey ahead. Life is beautiful when you are well informed and prepared..Marriage matters international gives marital relations a meaning
I came across marriage matters at a time I had concluded in my mind to throw in the towel,I never knew God had his own plans.By the end of my first session I had a paradigm shift about marriage and everything I was going through .Today I am better off, I have no regrets and I bless the day I was introduced to this great family.
MMI has been a source of inspiration to me,it's like an energy tank that I draw strength from daily. The learning never ends here as there is always something new to learn.
MMI rocks! I'm falling in love over and over again with my boo, such an amazing educative and impactful platform I will recommend this to every couple, because no matter what problem your going thru in your marriage there's trillion much solutions here.
My experience with Marriage Matters International (MMI) has been one I will always be glad for. The practical lessons, the in-depth counseling, the real life case studies and above all openness of the faculty members is amazing. I recommend MMI to anyone, any couple who is striving to make their marriage work.