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10 Sep, 2019
Good day, I would like to know if your hospital treats STDs and also get a price range.
Ann Adeyemi
17 Jun, 2019
Please how much does it cost to remove a decayed tooth and d treatment.
23 Jul, 2018
Pls how much is it for antenatal and proper delivery in your profound hospital?
Answer by Peter Agho
8 Oct, 2018
Thank you for contacting Agho Clinic. Our ANC registration and investigations is about N15, 000.And delivery cost varies from N40, 000. I do hope you find this information useful. Thank you
13 Jul, 2018
Do u offer ENT services?
Answer by Irabor Emmanuel
26 Jul, 2018
Thank you for contacting Agho Clinic. Yes, we have ENT services. Our consultant ENT doctors are always available to meet your need. Please, feel free to book an appointment with us. Thank you
2 Feb, 2018
Do you offer O&G services?
Answer by Peter Agho
6 Feb, 2018
Thank you Ikechukwu for contacting Agho Clinic Nigeria.
Yes. We among other services , offer O&G counseling consulting. Depending on what you want, we could book an appointment for you to meet with our expert consultant . Hope to read from you. Thank you
Irabor Emmanuel
Assistant Vice President Operation
Agho Clinic Nigeria

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