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Quality and top notch services...I will choose derma contour over and over again. I got my skin perfectly washed at the clinic and the result was awesome ....traveled all the way from Delta to Abuja for the process and it was worth it
Derma Contour is the best
Tribal mark removal brought me all the way from Awka to Abuja and it was not a fruitless journey.The reception I got,interaction with the specialist and the care given to me by the staff can't be gotten anywhere.Derma contour is just the best place to be.
Best clinic
Derma Contour is doing well in taken Africa out of it down state iterm of Heath...i will advice The stakeholders of Derma contour aesthetic beauty clinic to out more effort and acquire more competent staffs. I rate them 5 star
I am glad
This is the best skin clinic, I got to know about them through a friend and I tried their products and services and it was great you can as well visit them for skin care products and services and I bet you will be thankful to me on the result you will get. I think they are the best thanks
While i started my career with DERMA CONTOUR it was so tasking and demanding of time, patience and passion. Severally i thought of giving up but as time flys i took the challenge of facing a new face of my life by taking those thing i thought was a challenge and convert it to my greatest opportunity of learning directly under the hand and help of Patience Johnson.I donot see a boss in her but She is indeed a Mother, like a mother will hold her after weeping him or her so she always carrys and care for all her team and clients. Thank you for been a Mother, a counsellor and a Dermatologist specialist for all of us. No treatments done in Derma Contour that has not bank a Hervest of testimonies.
Excellence In Services
Your services are wonderful pls keep it up & I'm also coming for my own tatoo to b removed.