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Very impressed with their follow-up
Skillpatron is an absolute ROCK STAR. There is a reason they have pretty much all 4-5 star reviews on Google. Lol no big business gets 5 star reviews here. We called with unrealistic requests and basically am immediate timeline and he honored everything! Even ran a few themselves to make it hit the next day deadline. Very impressed with their follow-up after as well checking in on if we’d seen a response yet from the flyers. If you need flyers out, Distribution Skillpatron is your team!
Scam! Stay away from this company
I purchased a large volume of followers from SkillPatron and spoke with a male name Kola on the WhatsApp. He was very obnoxious and flirtatious. He did not complete most of the orders and removed followers that he sent through unfollows so I can continue making purchases. Every time I gained my own followers through hard work he removed a large volume of the followers that I paid for. Don’t patronize this business. They are a total scam with atrocious business practices.
Skillpatron is a scam
They are a scam. They are using a shameful technique in business. I needed Instagram followers so I paid for several thousand. As I started to build up my account organically through my own followers and popularity, skill patron was closing the accounts of the followers that he sent. It’s a scam. I gained many followers daily from my own hard work while skillpatron watches your numbers adding up, they send hundreds of unfollows so you can continue ordering. I lost 350 followers of skill patrons in one week! Don’t use their services. They are a scam!

Kola is a thief. There is always a problem with your order if you are an american woman, so he can call you on the WhatsApp. He’s very flirtatious with the women hoping he will find a wealthy american woman. He’s a poor excuse for a black man. He thrives from stealing money from black people by his fraudulent means to attain. I lost money because of all of the unfollows daily. He’s still currently watching my account daily using unfollows even after your order is complete, hoping you reorder soon. If you order from these crooks, dispute your transaction and get your money back. They will ruin your account.

This photo is a screenshot of the app that I use for Instagram to watch my unfollows because it was so profuse.

Fast and Wonderful IG Organic engagement
Folake & Bolatito, did a wonderful fast IG organic engagement. My Instagram became busy, gained more followers and she's so good at what she does. I will come back for my Facebook page engagement.
SkillPatron did a great job!
SkillPatron did a great job!! Last time, I accidentally left a bad review for them, thinking it was another site I purchased from ????‍ I wanna make sure everybody knows skillpatron is LEGIT at IG growth and I will be returning for more work!!
They got professional workers
Great guys to work with, delivered the results, and been very patient with me. I was rude to them when they first contacted me but they responded with kind words and I felt bad for been so rude to them. At the end, we became good friends. Thank you Bolatito & Folake!
Don't patronize please they are fraud!!!
They act all nice untill you pay and once you pay you have to start begging them to reply you. Untop of that they give fake services. All they say they do on the website they don't! They deliver fake followers,likes,comments they are all fake.... please don't give them your hard earned money.
They are scammers!!!! Please stay away
They say they deliver all sorts of services on their website but it's a lie!!! When you pay they hardly reply you and end up providing you with fake products. If you get followers, they are fake.likes? Fake!!! All fake and they claim to give real followers and like. Never deal with them. I will make sure I report them on all platforms like this!!!