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Chogon Bedbugs Fumigation services
Road 2, F83/118 Ikota Shopping Complex V.G.C Lekki Ajah Lagos, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
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Great Job Done
You guys did a great Job in the termination of bedbugs and other pests at my residence. It's been over 6 months after the fumigation you carried out on my residence and the pests have not re-surfaced.
Tested And Reliable
This is the best bud bugs fumigation service company in Lagos. I was truly amazed at how effective their bed bug fumigation was. Also, my home is now free from annoying insects. Kudos to Chogon
The best bedbugs / pest control service provider in lekki Ajah lagos
You guys did a great job in my house. Since after you came to fumigate my house against bedbugs. The bedbugs have been eradicated completely. Thanks I will recommend you people for any body looking for the best fumigation and bedbugs eradication company in Nigeria
Thanks for your kind review Mr Samuel, We will keep making efforts towards customer satisfaction in the cleaning and janitorial services in lagos, Bed bugs fumigation and pest control services in Lagos , Post construction cleaning and pre occupational cleaning company in lekki Ajah Lagos

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Road 2, F83/118 Ikota Shopping Complex V.G.C Lekki Ajah Lagos, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria Get Directions
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We are expertise in the following Services:
• Termite Proofing Treatment
• Bedbugs Treatment
• Rodent Control (For Rats)
• General Fumigation for all insects
• Industrial Fumigation Services
Our Fumigation and Pest Control Services unit has highly experienced and professional staff and our motto is to leave your Bungalows/Villas, Apartments, Industries, Offices etc. Smartly Clean.
If you have any problem of “Termites, Cockroaches, Bedbugs, Rats, etc. then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Services for Pest Control
Get one Fumigation Services absolutely FREE on 2 Fumigation Services! This is a Special Offer from CHOGON FUMIGATION AND PEST CONTROL

Fumigation Services
Fumigation Services for Rats, Cockroaches, Termites, Bedbugs, etc.

If you have any problem of Rats, Cockroaches, Termites, Bedbugs, etc. then contact us now for Fumigation Services in Nigeria.
Industrial Fumigation Services
We are specialized in Rodent Control Services for Industries.
Mills Fumigation Services
If you have any problem of Rats, Termites, Cockroaches, Bedbugs, etc. then contact us now for best Fumigation Services .

Home Pest Control Services
Chogon Fumigation and pest control Services for Termites, Bedbugs , Cockroaches, Rats, etc.

Pest Control
Clean your Home or Offices from Rats, Termites, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, etc.
Additional Services
We provide additional services, power washing and deck cleaning. We provide customized pest programs to fit your needs.

certain species of birds have become recognized public health threats because they harbor disease organisms that can be transmitted to humans. Bird droppings are an added problem, signing unsanitary conditions and eating away at building finishes. Domestic Pest Control customizes a bird control program that uses habitat modification to make your facility unattractive to birds.

Flies are among the filthiest insects around, carrying more than 100 known pathogens including: salmonella, staphylococcus, E. coli and shigella. We help prevent flies as part of our comprehensive fly control program.

Mosquitoes cause various diseases such as malaria, dengue, etc. In damp conditions breeding takes place. Many people avoid going to places where mosquitoes are rampant.
We can make People go everywhere by keeping the mosquitoes abate
Ants represent a major problem for businesses because they are attracted to a variety of food sources ranging from sugars to fats to proteins. They contaminate your products and their bites can be dangerous. We prevent ants in their tracks by implementing a variety of measures, such as sealing cracks and crevices in building.
Rodents thrive on unsanitary conditions. They cause damage to food industry. Rats are associated 20 fatal diseases. We recommend the best solution to prevent rodents. We offer the best services and try our level best to solve your worries regarding rodents.

Stored-Product Pests
Stored-product pests such as grain weevils, Indian meal moths or saw-toothed and merchant grain weevils grow on grain, bran, rice and flour. Apart from causing damage, they contaminate the food products. We at CHOGON FUMIGATION AND PEST CONTROL help to recognize and prevent stored product pests.
We at CHOGON FUMIGATION AND PEST CONTROL Unit offer outstanding quality pest control services for residences, gardens and commercial places. With the support of well skilled team of professionals associated with us, we proffer natural pest control services. The pest control service provided by our company is widely used for purifying the environment by identifying different types of pests and insects. With a committed team of trained service personnel, we are competent to handle any volume of pest management assignments and execute the same successfully.

Top 3 Reasons Why Most Bed Bug Treatments Fail
If you are trying to get rid of bed bugs in your home, you’re probably very aware of how hard it can be. Bed bugs are sneaky, smart, and resilient. There is no silver bullet that will kill every bug in an infestation – the treatment process must be approached methodically and holistically. It’s all a matter of using the right products and the right steps.
It’s the complexity of the treatment that leads pest control professionals to charge thousands of dollars to treat an average American home. Bed bugs are not like other pests that can be taken care of with a quick spraying or fogging. Professionals and homeowners alike need to know what they’re doing when tackling a bed bug job, and need to avoid these common mistakes:

Top 3 mistakes when dealing with bed bugs:

1. Only killing bed bugs where you see them.
Bed bugs are grand master ninjas. They can climb walls, tuck into tight spaces, and feed on their host without being detected. You may spot some bugs, shells, and eggs when you lift up your mattress or open a dresser drawer, but it’s a sure bet that there are more hiding somewhere else in your room.
Regardless of the products that you use, it’s not enough to attack the bed bugs you spot scurrying around. You need to bring the fight to them, with treatment methods that hit them where they’re hiding. High-pressure steamers can kill bed bugs deep inside walls, floorboards, upholstered furniture, and more. Sprays and powders can be applied in cracks and crevices to kill bed bugs nested where you can’t see them (just be sure to read the label on the product to see where it can be safely used).

2. Using products that bed bugs are resistant to.
Just a few years ago, there was a wide range of chemical compounds on the market that were proven to kill bed bugs, either on contact or over time. Over the years, bed bugs have developed resistances to many of these compounds, and those products are no longer as effective. To cut their losses in the development of these compounds, the manufacturers started selling to hardware stores and supermarkets at a discounted price.
Since these off-the-shelf sprays may not be able to curb your bed bug population, don’t use them! Instead, opt for newer cutting-edge contact professionals ( CHOGON FACILITIES TEAM) for a residual sprays that are effective against all strains of bed bugs. They may cost a bit more, but you will have peace of mind knowing that what you are applying is doing the job. We only carry the newest products with no known bed bug resistance.

3. Not preventing re-infestation.
Let’s say you’ve done everything right, and killed almost every bed bug in your home. You rest easy for the first time in weeks, thinking you’ve finally won the war. A few nights may go by, and one morning you discover a fresh cluster of itchy bits. What gives?
Unfortunately, reinfestation is common when preventative measures aren’t taken. What brought them in the first place – whether its a job, bus or friends house – may bring them back again. A single bed bug can lay as many as 500 eggs, and nymphs start feeding immediately after they hatch. This is why it’s so important to put up long-term defenses as part of your bed bug treatment strategy, bed bug traps, and residual powders are great ways to help ensure that you won’t be waking up to bites again.

When approaching a bed bug infestation, it’s important not to underestimate your foe. Your treatment needs to be thorough and decisive.

Bed Bugs Treatment For Your Home
Take a look at some of the most effective bed bugs treatment methods that you can do it yourself to control and kill bed bugs without hiring expensive exterminators.

1. Vacuum Cleaning
Vacuuming is one of the primary steps to getting rid of bed bugs. You should thoroughly vacuum the entire house if you suspect there are bed bugs in your home. Vacuum all mattresses in your house, including any upholstered furniture such as sofa, as well as curtains. Use the vacuum's crevice suction tool for deep vacuuming especially for the bed frames, headboards and any seams and cracks on your walls or floors that the regular vacuum tool cannot clean. Last but not least, do vacuum the carpets and rugs too.
Immediately after vacuuming, dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and trash it outside away from the house.
Note: Although vacuuming will not kill bed bugs, it can help to control and get rid of most of them before your whole house or apartment get infested. For complete elimination, you will need to combine vacuuming with several other bed bugs treatment and removal methods.
2. Thermal Treatment
Bed bugs are very sensitive to heat and are easily killed when exposed to temperature over 100°F (or above 38°C) . Therefore, you can use steamers that are commonly used by most professional exterminators to kill both bed bugs and their eggs naturally.
Thermal treatment can also be applied to your bedding and clothes. For bed linen and garments, soak or wash them with hot water for 10 to 20 minutes and then set your dryer to the heat cycle to completely eliminate them.
In additional, bed bug steamer can also be used to clean and sterilize toys, stuffed animals, shoes, luggages or any other items that cannot be easily wash with hot water.
3. Bed Bug Spray
In general, bed bug spray are able to kill bed bugs upon contact with them. Bed bug sprays work by penetrating the exoskeleton of the bugs with a formulation of salts and surfactants, causing them to dehydrate and die. Sprays can be applied on mattresses, box springs, furniture, baseboards and are most effective treatment for hard to reach areas like a crack or crevice.
It is recommended that one should purchase an odourless and non-residual spray (that kills bed bugs on contact) so that it will not leave behind any residual or chemical that may be harmful to people and pets.
4. Mattress Covers and Encasements
Using a waterproof, hypoallergenic, zippered mattress cover labeled "allergen rated" or "for dust mites" is a simple way to prevent and kill bed bugs. A bed bug proof mattress cover can prevent any bed bugs from crawling in and out. By placing a cover over the mattress, new bugs are unable to enter and the ones living under it cannot escape and will die due to lack of food. The mattress cover will not only trap the existing bugs, it will also ensure that the eggs do not become adults and reproduce, causing further infestation. This way, you do not need to purchase a new mattress.
It is recommended to keep the cover on for at least one year to keep bed bugs out of the mattress, and eventually kill any bed bugs trapped within.
Protect your mattress and box springs with Bed Bug Proof Bedding Encasements
5. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilised shell from aquatic diatoms. It is a 100% natural and organic pest control dust that scratches and cuts the exoskeletons of hard bodied insects on contact, causing them to dehydrate and asphyxiate. Diatomaceous earth lasts virtually forever if left untouched and provides continuous and long-lasting control of insect pests.
Simply sprinkle the diatomaceous earth around the bed, in cracks and crevices and along other hotspots where you believe bed bugs live and hide. Once that is done, any insects or bed bugs that crawl through the diatomaceous earth will die within an hour of contact.

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Bedbug Fumigation ServicesWe are expertise in the following Services: • Termite Proofing Treatment • Bedbugs Treatment • Rodent Control (For Rats) • General Fumigation for all insects • Industrial Fumigation ...
Eradication of Bedbugs We at CHOGON FUMIGATION AND PEST CONTROL Unit offer outstanding quality pest control services for residences, gardens and commercial places. With the support of well skilled team of professionals ass...
Pest Control ServicesStored-Product Pests Stored-product pests such as grain weevils, Indian meal moths or saw-toothed and merchant grain weevils grow on grain, bran, rice and flour. Apart from causing damage, they conta...
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