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Baba Ijebu is a great help to many Nigerians to those who cares to play the game
I am soldier I started playing games with baba Ijebu like play today it became my body and soul and is helping me a lots though atimes is not easy to win, but why i said it help me soo much, before i use to be using my money on useless things that can't help me, but now I choose u use the money and play baba Ijebu game with patients i continue playing until the God of baba Ijebu answer me, now i am praying ???? in my mind to win a big game that will change my life i will forget about my army job and start somewhere with my family because right now i am in north east fighting war
Best lottery ever
I am playing this game quite a while, not easy to win but I love it.
Reply by Chi boy
21 Jul, 2019
My brotheris game of luck other people are winning every day