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Product recommendation for the benefit of the catfish production
Hello am here to introduce a break through product from neverland called Mucusol and Cleroxy,

Mucusol is a product that is ???? organic and it’s used before consumption of either cat fish, snail or turkey and chicken it is used to wash off the slimes and bacteria from the fish and the rest before it is been cooked, this product doesn’t change the taste or the texture of the fish it is very safe.

Cleroxy : this is also an organic base product that is used to kill the germs and bacteria inside the fish pond where the fishes are kept .. what this product does is to remove the germs and bacteria enzymes in the pond that affect the reproduction of the fish, the product is also safe for the fish and it doesn’t affect the fishes in any way .
Kindly add the website of your company for future references. Thanks.