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Asaba Textiles PLC, Nigeria was operating at 116 % of capacity utilisation. To explain it further, the Company used to work all recess & holidays, that is to say 360 X 24 with little additional staff to relieve, may be around 8 %. The workers & staff were enjoying full benefits of incentives. The incentives were paid on weekly basis. The complete staff was working at their highest level of morale & enthusiasm...!

For, superior quality of African prints, Design Studio was established creating new fresh designssuitable for the Nigerian & other african markets. Every meter of fabric was printed with a logo of " ASABATEX ".
Ramesh Shah had been GM - PCH at Asaba Textiles Plc during 1996 - 98, when the Company was operating at the peak of it's manufacturing capabilities. At one time, The Company used to buy yarn for it's weaving capacity & grey fabrics for it's processing capacity. During 1996 - 98, the Company turned to net excess of yarns & grey fabrics, available for SALE. It was an achievement of team of Managers & hard working workforce.

The management, achieved the highest productivity targets, establishe it's Brand as ASABATEX in the Nigerian textile market. The Company's Advertisement went on air