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Reasons for poor services
Customers will keep on complaining because he will not do the needful and the right thing. What do u want him to do when he goes after 95 percents of his female staffs? Down to the kitchen staffs! Secondly, he needs more males staffs and delivery personel....
Love it
I love 12 Baskets Foods Ltd, and the are the best in their services for now, many might gave wrong review and points of view.... I have tasted their foods, Chops, grills and many more.... Even I have worked hand to hand with them.... 12 Baskets Foods Ltd is the best

Poor services
Mode of request, payment, and timing is old school.i ordered for 40 small chops, I was ask to wait for an hour,I ended up waiting 2hours before I was given. My guest had already gone before I came. It's a zero place to go in times of urgency.
Placed an order at their Ikeja office at 10am on Saturday, as I type this at 5:20pm the delivery is yet to be made. The get together has ended as people have left. I am asking for a refund and they're saying the delivery is on it's way, for the past 3hrs.
That has always been the situation with 12baskets, they will disappoint you.
I look forward to another small chops firm that can serve us better.
This is totally unacceptable!.
Poor service
I have never written a negative review of any Nigerian business because I understand how hard it is to be a business owner in Nigeria but this one just takes the cake.
The summary is that I placed an order to be delivered at 10 am. The order was placed 3 weeks prior to the day it was needed for good measure. I sent a message the day before it was to be delivered just to make sure my order would not fall through the cracks. I was assured that everything was on track. The order got to me at 8:42 pm. You read right. The order was delivered 11 hours later (almost half a day later). The location was in Lekki so it was not an out of state delivery. I rejected the order as it was of no use to me and asked for a refund once again. I had first asked for a refund at 2:51 pm but the lady pleaded with me and said it would be dispatched within 15minutes. As at 8pm when the order had still not gotten to me and I still hadn't received my refund, I asked yet again for a refund as my guests had already left and there would be no one to consume it. I also reached out to the owner. As I type this, I have neither received a refund nor gotten feedback from the owner.

I have attached a screenshot of a part of the conversation.

To continue my rant, while we all say there is bad governance in Nigeria, we also have our part to play. In our own little corners of the world, what are we doing to demonstrate what good leadership looks like?

Poor customer service and delivery
we placed an order yesterday afternoon for it to be delivered today by 9am, we didn't receive it till 12.30pm, we kept calling no one will pick the calls and when they eventually do they act like it's a normal thing. we couldn't hold the get together again and by the time the items were delivered they were all cold. am so pissed. even the delivery man doesn't know how to communicate, kept saying i dey come
Poor Service Delivery
First order early in the week, packs were worn and frayed, a couple had torn open at the sides. Gave the feedback and moved on.
Ordered today for 50 packs and requested they be delivered at 10am
Order arrived at 11.50am. The packs were cold, not appetizing in the least.
Contact person stopped picking my calls when they realized I had yet to receive my order.
After 5 missed calls and an irate message to them, they send me a phone number, no name, no explanation, no apology.
Not acceptable.
Will not be using them again
I have suffered same Faith. They lack customer service and I also discovered that their Abuja service is way better and the chops more tasty.
We are sorry for that, we will look forward to treating you better because you deserve better... That has been rectified.. We are sorry once again
Very bad customer care service
I got a referral from my coworker to use you for a party we are planning for next week. I called your Abuja office early this week and a price list was sent to me, barely 15mins ago 10th June, 2020 (time now is 3:28pm), I called to firm up on the order, the staff that answered the call was dismissive and very rude to me. I am in shock as I do not expect that kind of service from such a place. Thank you.
One word, disappointing, tno consistency in time, the customer service is very poor, I don't know of other locations but sura shopping complex is out of it