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Is the honor 30 and honour 50 available and if they are how much do they cost?
Please how much is the cost to replace a y9prime screen?
Pls how much does it cost to fix a y9prime phone screen?
How much is huawei p smart 2021
The screen of my Tambo TA-50 power is broken. Can I repair? How much will it cost me for the repairs?
Sir/ma, I'm using Hauwei p9 and the screen just stop working, please how do I go about it?
Please can you provide for me motherboard flex for Huawei Honor 10? I requested one thru jumia and I receive it not original.
Please your help is highly needed
Please my Huawei y9s front glass just broke still working but I want to change it, how much will it cost me. Need to fix it as soon as possible.
Sir, I use a Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 but I have issues with the case and camera glass that broke already, I will like to replace it please? Let me know where? Yahuza ********
Can I get Huawei wifi HG8545m GPON OMU in your office. If yes can it cover my place Fadele Street Off Shamtang street before Yamson street, New Karu, Mararaba please I need home delivery
How much is it to change the broken screen of P9 prime?
How can I become your staff?
Please do you sell mate 20 pro in Abuja and what's the prize ASAP.
Does someone can tell me how much are Huawei P20 lite and Y5 ? And how do I get them ?
How much is mate8 phone battery and how can I get it
How do i put my email account on my phone. itried signing in with Email put is saying forget password or something not enabled
How much is huawei y9 and mate 20 lite please I need answers thanks.
Pls would like to have know more about ur services want to set up a phone shop in Abuja.
Contact me on +********. Mr. Sammy is my name from Huawei Dubai, UAE.
I want mate 9 urgently how much does it cost
I have problem of unlock my phone .Can you send to me the unlock code to open it .the model is Y625-U21. the IMEI: ********.S/N Z7EBBBB********
Can I get Huawei mate 8 screen here in your office at Abuja.
I bought G power on 14th september and i was rubbed 13th october, and i went to police to report and they told me to contact the maker if they can tack the current user. please can you help me out.
Where can I buy WiFi battery HB4F1 in Abuja
Where can i fix mu huawei y625 screen in Abuja Nigeria
I have a g610 andriod phone when i power it on it will Andriod but it wouldn't go further i have taken it to phone technicial but they can't fix it i need ur help. how can i locate ur office in abuja
I bought table Phone ETS5623 from one of your vendor this year. The battery failed, he sold another one and it fails again. How can I get good one from your Abuja office? I live in Makurdi.
Where can I buy replacement screen touch for Huawei Ascend W1-u00 and my Huawei Y220 hang all the time. I have done factory reset but the problem did not go. How do I solve the problem
New Back Battery Door Cover Case Replacement Part For Huawei Ascend P7-L10 Black, Where can i buy it in nigera?
I can not get battery for my Huawei MTI-U06 android phone. Battery ATL 14.90WH 3.8V+.
Kindly give me direction to get the battery and fix my phone back?
I don't know to get a battery for my Huawei MTI-U06 android phone.
ATL 14.90WH 3.8V+.
I stay in Abuja Nigeria, kindly give me direction please.
Ishaya Ezekiel.
I don't know to get a battery for my Huawei MTI-U06 android phone.
ATL 14.90WH 3.8V+.
I stay in Abuja Nigeria, kindly give me direction please.
Ishaya Ezekiel.

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