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I registered with easy way driving school port harcourt. I was promised to be trained about everything that involves defensive driving. They claim they will train you based on distance covered, you end up getting roughly 12mins training on average daily, just when you start to catch up. The lesson stops. I also had arrangements with my instructor to do evenings wednesdays to fridays as I will be busy during the day. Easy way claims to be open between 8.30 am and 5pm. I cancelled all my appointment in other to make room to be trained in the evening, wasted money transporting myself, wasted money calling my instructor on my way to training only to be told "we don't train on rainy days". Worse still the information was passed across in a rather loud and rude way, still I ring up the director of the company to report his instructor while still on my way to the training, I got the same rude response,
1) I have seen other driving school training under wet conditions
2) i thought the whole point of defensive driving was to train the participant to learn under real life conditions ie RAIN.
3) i thought another name for Rivers state is RAIN. it rains here like there is no tommorrow.
I feel like I have thrown money in the bin.
Misinformation is a weapon of mass destruction my advice for anyone who wants to sign up with easy way dribing school. Get them to state their terms and conditions in written format and signed so if they breach they can be prosecuted. Because I have seen so many breaches already it is really distressing.
Thanks a lot for this detailed info,
I was to register with them but with this your experience, I won't dare it.
You see how people ruin their businesses. I'm in Port Harcourt and searching for a driving school of repute and have cancelled this Company.
So, I've been searching for a driving school in Ph and decided to give this a try but with this review, Easy Way Driving School is a NO for me