MACJAMES® MMDC-11 – MULTISURFACE DEGREASER/CLEANER (Approved by NAFDAC and DPR: NAFDAC REG.NO.: 02-8179L and DPR/HSE.04/003.850/2015/241)is a surface active emulsifying, non-solvent based and non-acidic degreasing foaming cleaner. It emulsifies grease, oil, rust, heavy dirt, carbon deposits, grime,slag,sludge, mud, scales, others alike, with it and cleanses them from the various washable surfaces (metal, plastic, wood, concrete, rubber, PVC, etc) without deforming the substrates, harming users and environment, unlike other degreasers in the market today. It is an innovative and economical multi-surface/multipurpose degreaser/cleaner with surface active strength and emulsifying properties to clean organic and inorganic dirt from all washable surfaces. It is produced using refined chemical raw materials and is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. It is used where acidic, highly alkaline and solvent-based degreaser are found to be destructive, surface-selective and inefficient. It is unique in that it does not contain solvent and petroleum distillates that imposes health and environmental hazard. It has been confirmed in car/automotive engine washing, cleaning of oil tanks an oil storage containers, sewage tanks flushing, heat exchanger cleaning, engine rooms and mechanical workshops and degreasing metals before painting, among others and solves the problems of using many degreasers for different surfaces/substrates.
It is used in degreasing and cleaning in these areas:

*Agricultural and construction equipment
*Drilling and mining equipment
*Factory/workshop floors
*Abattoirs, silos, tanks
*Hotel kitchen walls and floors
*Work platforms and oilfield equipment
*Oil rigs and superstructures
*Machine parts and car engines
Fouled heat exchangers
*Marine and dredging equipment
*Petrochemical and refinery structures
*and other heavily soiled surfaces or equipment.

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