Felicity All In One Solar Street Lights P2 - 80W

Price: ₦175,000
80watts All In One Solar Street Lights P2 is a solar lighting system that contains all components such as solar panel, battery, LED light source and charge controller. It is sensitive to light and motion. It has a high efficiency 16W solar panel. It has high performance 20 Ah battery. Thus, it can provide continuous lighting for 12 hours. It is recommended to install at a height of approximately 5 meters.


Integrated design and source, high capacity LiFePO4 lithium battery, high energy, and long life,

light weights, green and environmental protection, do not produce any harmful substances.

LED chip with high light efficiency

efficiency can reach 160LM/W at least

All series use MPPT controller which can increase 15%-30% charge efficiency

Design with high efficiency solar

Convenient installation and maintenance, no need of cable installation or special light pole,

functional components modular design, installation and maintenance, convenient and quick replacement

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