BEDBUG KILLER (Kills Bed Bug, Ticks, Fleas & Eggs)

Exthor Premium Bedbug killer is the most effective bedbug killer in Nigeria Market. It eliminates bed bugs and their eggs while providing 6 months extended protection after the treatment.

Bid final Goodbye to Bedbug, Ticks, Fleas and their Eggs in one application...

It's ordourless and perfectly safe to use in sensitive environments such as schools, hotels, clinics, healthcare facilities, homes and public areas.

No need to spend so much to fumigate when you can DO-IT-YOURSELF safely.

• Kills bed bugs and their eggs and stops infestations from returning (Long-term Protection)

• Ordourless, no staining on fabrics or surfaces, no aggravating smell or toxicity, safe around kids and pets.

• No more worries about bedbug resistance, kills resistant strains of Bed Bugs and dries up their eggs fast!

•Professional Strength Formula - Safe for Do-it-yourself or Amateur use.

Pls follow this application guide accordingly:

1. Ensure you apply without SPACING all round the seams of the mattress (i.e round the edge of the mattress) both up and down, Note, without SPACING, just apply small small.

2. Apply on the joints in-between the bedframe, apply round the bedstand too without spacing, then cover the mattress with the bedsheet, then you are good to sleep.

3. Apply on possible hideouts in the chairs without SPACING.

4. Apply on crevices if any in-between the door frames and wall as well as cracks on the walls.

5. Apply on Electric sockets on the wall, these are their possible hideouts where they lay eggs as well as the wardrobe. If the infestation is heavy, apply round the edges of the rug or wall.

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