The features and functionality OF OUR car tracking AND FLEET MANAGEMENT system;

1. Remote Stop/Resume Vehicle: Vehicle owner can put off or resume his/her vehicle engine using any mobile phone or computer from any location.
2. Mobile Tracking: Your vehicle will be able to send a google map link to your mobile phone and you will be able to see where your vehicle is directly on your mobile phone screen.(a GPRS enabled phone is needed for this feature eg; phone that can browse.)
3. Voice Monitoring: Vehicle owner can listen to conversations of person's in the vehicle live from any location. This function is optimal
4. Geo-fencing: With this feature, you can declare physical boundaries within which a particular vehicle is required to travel. Whenever such vehicle exceeds the boundaries, the system alerts all the predefined user telephone numbers and the control centre.
5. Movement Alert: After the vehicle must have parked for more than 30 minutes in one particular place and it is moved from that location thereafter, the system will send an SMS movement alert to the base station or to a designated mobile phone to report this violation.
6. Over-Speed Alert: You can program a speed limit to the device and thereafter, the system will send an Over Spend alert to the Base or to any designed mobile number, once the speed limit is violated.
7. Web Base Monitoring: With this feature, you can track, monitor and manage your single vehicle or fleet of cars including trucks in one account from the comfort of your home or office using internet enabled PC or Laptop computer
8. Track History: You can get the full history of your car activities up to 1 year with date and time of the activity. eg. You can get the history of where your car was on 23rd January 2013 at 1:30 pm, etc.
9. Accident Alert: When tracker detects accident (severe impact), it will send “Accident! + the location” to all the authorized phone numbers.

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