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CO2 Extinguishers:
A CO2 extinguisher is not a good choice for a Type A fire, (wood, paper, cloth), because of the force of the CO2 gas being expelled from the extinguisher. When this type of extinguisher is used on a wood, paper or cloth fire, the burning items are blown around the room by the force of the CO2 gas, thereby aiding the spread of the fire. Secondly, a Type A fire will usually re-ignite as soon as the CO2 gas dissipates.

The CO2 extinguisher works well on a flammable liquids or an electrical fire - Types B or C fires. They work well on an electrical fire in that they do not leave a messy residue on delicate electrical equipment such as a dry chemical extinguishers would. The CO2 displaces the oxygen at the surface of the fire, effectively smothering the fire. However, the fire can re ignite once the CO2 gas dissipates if the ignition source has not been removed.

A CO2 extinguisher has a wide nozzle that locks into place. Do not hold onto the nozzle when firing the extinguisher, this nozzle will get very cold as the CO2 gas is expelled; CO2 gas has a temperature of minus 66C.

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