Multimedia, Voice and Data

Advanced technologies have brought about seamless integration of video, voice and data to be transmitted over the same communication line. At Outbox, we have consistently combined creativity and expertise to fashion various mix of solutions to add fun and fantastic possibilities to Video, Voice, Data and Sound systems.

Sound is a wide and complex subject so are its applications. From the big arena rock concert to the audio system for a vast international airport, from theatre sound to conference systems for a government building every application need specific products.

We install a wide and diverse range of products to satisfy any sound and musical amplification need, keeping as a common denominator our vast experience and constant innovation always in order to guarantee the most appropriate and high quality sound for:


Malls, Event Halls, Airport, Stadia, Clubs, Terminals, Fitness & Health Centres, Courts, Congress, Hotels, Hospitals,

CATV (Centralised Cable TV), IPTV, Video conferencing, Home Entertainment, Public Address & Conferencing System, Voice over IP, Intercom, PABX, Language Translation system, Display boards, Multimedia Solutions, Meeting Room Manager.

Card Access, PIN code Access, Biometrics – Fingerprint, Full Palm Vein Scanner, Facial Recognition, Gates & Barrier, Retractable Grilles and Cage, Revolving Doors, Turnstiles, Interlocking Doors, RFID for Asset Movement, Pipeline protection, Perimeter monitoring, ATM & Vault protection Biometric ATM, Burglar & Intrusion Alarm

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