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We are a Turkish company, manufacturing Steel/security and fireproof doors in Iran. We have selected the best method to produce the items possessing the possible lowest price beside the highest quality in its produced family. We, as a Turkish company, decided to establish our factory in Iran because of the following reasons:
1. The lowest cost of energy and other charges in Iran
2. The low wages and salaries
3. Reasonable price for transportation
4. Enjoying rapid sea forwarding for all parts of the world
All mentioned factors and many others create a possibility to produce the best quality item with the feasible lowest price which can satisfy both the customer and supplier.
ALDORA STEEL DOOR COMPANY has capacity to produce more than 60,000 doors annually. Our major focus is to do the delivery process in the shortest period of time immediately after receiving the offer.
The door materials like doorknobs, handles, joints, MDF, security cameras, keys, multi system keys, locking accessories, powder coating paint and other, are from Turkey with very low and without additional custom costs or charges. All the accessories have made of the best quality adjusted the universal standards.
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We hope to bestow elegance, security and tranquility to all our customers through giving the best services and high qualified productions.

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