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This Platform BUSINESSLIST has been one of the sweetest platform ive ever seen, I call it MINI-WEBSITE because it has lots of features to explore, the genuiniety is nothing to be compared with, they make sure they filter all your claims before making them verified. And i bet you what ever they verify is verified indeed and can be trusted at any time. My only complain, observation that i think should be worked upon is this ; Hello, Lots of my successful candidates are placing reviews, but i don't know why the reviews always take forever to reflect on the platform ? And i'm wanting to upgrade to the highest subscription so as to benefit more access more. Now all these are drawing me back. Please i need these to be attended to immediately. Thanks
Hi my name JANET UMORU. I love this platform, the listing is so easy and straight forward. The job listing is the sweetest part of it for me. Great job!
Glad we joined We already see the benefits of this to our business. Excited to be on the list.
My initial visiting the Site was great. "Businesslist" is very impressive, listen to my needs, ask some questions and made me a very fair offer. They made things happen. I will definitely be reaching them anytime I assisstans.
Hello, It's been a wholesome experience, a wonderful one and i hope other people will enjoy it as i do. Thank you.
So far so good, i must say, this is a very nice platform, incredibly good. Just within few days of registration, my company's information filled here is showing in search engines. Thanks so much. However, i had difficulty selecting my location on google map, because the map shows Lagos by default while my Company location is in Port Harcourt, I was able to get around it by browsing the latitude and Longitude of Rivers State, then input the values in the corresponding fields in your platform. Thanks once more
Excellent has helped my business to have more reviews and more views in my service area and beyond. It also has helped my business to show up in Google search related to the category of my business. Thank you
The support from this platform is awesome. Responding to questions in few minutes shows seriousness. I recommend everyone to list their business profiles on
I can't praise it enough nor busnesslist bring my company to life in connecting costomers to busness. I can boldly say is the best so far and doing a great job.
Very good, reliable
It's the no.1 business listing site for better visibility
Your services is amazing
I got to know about when searching on the web on how to list my business and i was quite impressed. The registration process is very easy,straight forward and the site is mobile friendly. It will nice to access Businesslist app; hopefully, very soon????
Your services has been awesome. Kudos!
Great and awesome service is a platform that gives you easy navigation and fascinating outlook. Among other business directory websites, I am always glued to the website because if gives me what I look forward to
Kudos to A very friendly user site.
My experience with your is amazingly great.
This site is fantastic and wonderful It's indescribable when it comes helping to creat awareness for Business. Presently I can say this site is the number one search engine site to locate Businesses online
Okay I registered on business list less than two weeks ago, the very day I got my account verified I got a call later that same day of someone making enquiries on how our operations and charges are, so I went to google my company name and there was my company and the pictures I uploaded on business list there. I’m so proud to be a member and I’m definitely upgrading my subscription soonest.
Once again thanks for the privilege given to me to say a big thanks to for approving my company registration proposal. to meet up with all the necessary information about online business.. A big thanks to you all... From MAC NELSON COMPANY LTD.
Am so loving this platform having a post here is good one to my business and it improves my work is a mirror that reveals the future. They provide all you need to standout from the crowd. Inspiring creativity and handwork. is doing great in my opinion, just months of our company being here and we're already appearing on top searches.
It has been amazing, the opportunity to have the visibility this platform presents is indeed one of a kind, being possibly the largest in the country, it is a must for most every business. Thank you Businesslist.
I think its too early for me to comment on your platform now, i am hoping for the best and great business traffic. I have no doubt about your ability to make everyone on your platform feel real good. I am trusting you that you will push our adverts well for every potential clients and customers to notice us. Coming from Nigeria is another great feelings for me because i know that Nigerians are go-getter.
Awesome platform I must say and gives customers assurance that the business is legit and no scam zone. Would like the free trial to be a longer time though is a nice platform. I recommend it to others for their business growth and advert. The company is legit with no intention of scamming. Well done!!!
You guys are doing an amazing job. Thanks a million. Keep the good work

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