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OCGUF - Doing Good
OCGUF has been a God in human form helping thousands in Okposi community in Ebonyi state attend to their health condition, they are a non governmental organization but they have offered great help to the people of Okposi. Their outreach runs in June for students competition and academic awards and December for medical outreach and soul winning with football competition added to the 2019 December outing.
Thank you
This is the best forum I have ever seen. What OCGUF is doing can only be seen in movies. They give free medical services to thousands of people every year. They bring hope to so many who have no access to medical attention due to their poor financial status. They always wait for December when OCGUF will take care of their medical needs free of charge.

Interestingly, OKPOSI CHRISTIAN GRADUATE AND UNDERGRADUATE FELLOWSHIP (OCGUF) is not being sponsored by any organization or Government,yet they accomplish such feats by their selfless service and sacrifice, if any organization can partner with them, they can do more exploits
Mgbom Na-Achara Development Union is truly grateful to Okposi Christian Graduates & Undergraduates Forum for the successful completion of 2019 Medical Outreach held at Government Field Okposi between 26th-28th December, 2019.

We'll forever remain grateful for the selfless services to improve on the greatest investment, which is to save life.

Our special thanks goes to Doctor Emmanuel Isuaja the true son of the soil, who was the brain behind a greater percentage of surgical operations freely carried out by the organizers.

It is our collective prayers that heaven will not leave you without bountiful blessings. Hail to Okposi Christian Forum!
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