Trends to Be Aware of For Your Online Marketing Campaign

Entertainment23 Aug, 2022
Trends to Be Aware of For Your Online Marketing Campaign

Small businesses thrive off of marketing on social media. Whether you’re creating online casino games or making jewellery to sell on Etsy, you will need a marketing strategy; social media marketing makes light work of marketing and is very easy to implement.

But trends are rife on social media, and some of them can affect your marketing campaign. If you’re interested, take a look at these social media trends that could shake the effectiveness of your marketing.

Podcasts are on the up

Podcasts have exploded in popularity. Studies are showing that half of the US population has listened to at least one in the past week, and that was in 2020! Since then, the popularity of podcasts has only grown as users find they like having some lively discussion available while commuting in the bath.

And it’s not just popular with users. Brands and businesses all around the world are adding podcasts to their repertoire next to their brand blogs. Depending on the concept, podcasting takes different levels of research, an hour of talking, and minimal editing and tech to complete, making for a very easy way to make content.

Not only can you market your company, but other podcasts can market you as a brand deal. Shoutouts, pre-roll ads and live reads will even reach your customer better, because they often don’t have the means to skip if their hands are full. Plus, it’s said they are more effective, with more users saying they have considered buying something from a podcast ad than any other form of online marketing.

User habits are changing

Things have really shaken up users. They are more aware of when they are being advertised to, they research brands before buying anything, and they don’t trust big influencers anymore.

But don’t panic. There’s something you can do about every single one of these problems. When it comes to your content, focus on making high quality content. Don’t go out and buy the latest camera but create engaging content that will keep the viewer’s attention whether they know they’re being marketed to or not.

Keep your social media accounts up to date with everything you stand for. Your audience wants to know that your priorities align with theirs, so speak about supporting small businesses, minority-owned businesses, sustainable businesses, and anything else you stand for.

If you are a small business, the idea that users don’t trust big influencers can only help you. Brands are now looking to micro-influencers with their brand deals, so if you’re approaching a brand, be sure to mention that you have a dedicated audience that is small but loyal, and that you have a reputation for showcasing only the best.

Social media is reacting with features

All the social media platforms have gone through some sort of transformation over the past couple of years. Smaller platforms like Pinterest have gotten on the short form video content bandwagon, while Facebook and Instagram continue to transform into retail shops with chat rooms.

For example, Instagram made two big changes that will help online businesses: an affiliate brand feature, and price tags directly on content.

You, as a seller, can now tag all your items with a link showing the price and sending the user straight to your website. It is marketing and store rolled into one.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for brand deals, you can use the affiliate marketing feature to better get in touch with affiliate marketers looking for influencers. It acts as a combined “open for commission” sign and search filter for brands. Brand deals are a great way to make some extra commissioned cash so that you can keep investing in your business.