Review Unprofessional handling and inhumane treatment

Review of Harmony Hospital
Unprofessional handling and inhumane treatment
With a past experience of a placenta abruption, when my wife got pregnant again, we decided that she should go to harmony hospital (based on some of the hospital's profile online). After doing the basics at the facility, and consulting the Medical Director, my wife told me ha said she should not worry the experience wouldnt reoccur, and that she should have faith. I am a believing and redeemed Christian, and I know that hospitals are not the prime places to find men of God. We would have remained with the church. Any way, after several antenatal visits, I decided to accompany my wife to see the MD. I had gone to seek his professional advice on how to avert our fears, and to ask if having the baby shortly before the period (in weeks) the last abruption occurred was a viable option. God! Did my wife and I get ill treated!
The MD was most impolite, aggressive and did not bother what words he used. He never showed any indication like he had read anything regarding the rights of patients/clients in a hospital, and above all, our right to human dignity. Indeed, I left there afraid and badly demoralized. My wife too! My second, and certainly our last visit to the facility , was on the night of 16th January,2021. On that night my wife had a sudden gush of a truamatic experience. I quicKly called the MD, who said we COULD go to Harmony, there were Doctors there. We went. saw a GP who asked the MD down to the Hospital. He came almost an hour later. Meanwhile my wife was progresively getting weak, and scarcely stable.
On arrival, the MD scanned my wife, and said nothing was wrong with the pregnancy. When I asked what could have caused the sudden trauma she had that warranted a visit o the hospital, he started shouting (I mean practically) at me. He used words I cant repeat in print. He was most brutish i his choice of words. In fact he later walked out in us. This man lacked the patience to listen to any of us, sounded too arrogant and had no regard for us or anything at all. At a point it all felt like we were under criminal investigation, instead of medical investigation. Interestingly, this submission is corroborated by an earlier one by a lady.
I will bring this to the notice of relevant regulatory institutions (governmental and professional), in an effort to standardize professional and best practices in health service provision in this country. I am also talking with our family lawyers on the flagrant violation of the rights of my wife by Harmony Hospital.

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