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It's possible in Aquila clinic
Hello, when I first went to Aquila clinic, I was a PCOS patient with two previous miscarriages. So I did all the investigation necessary and started my treatment, I was so happy and comfortable because it seems like I was talking to my body I now know what's going on. I did my hormonal balance but still yet so we go ahead with the original plan which is IUI, which was not successful, but the doctor was encouraging me not to give up, I felt it that I was ovulating but something is not right so I have to do HSG that I was so afraid of, after HSG it happen, I was pregnant I couldn't believe it, I will bring out the test strip and check again to see whether it's still two lines, it's still there after two years of my last Miscarriage God use Dr Ehi to bless me. Aquila clinic is the best fertility clinic you will ever go, the doctor and staff are all family with the patient, you will be mentally encouraged which is very important . Just pay them a visit once and you will know you are at the right place I guarantee you. Thank you Dr.Ehi and Aquila clinic

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