Review Unbeatable service and after sales support

Review of HIANS Energy Solutions Limited
Unbeatable service and after sales support
In my search for a solar company that will supply and install solar power system capable of supplying the needed electric power to run my home 24/7 with or without the availability of the public grid (NEPA) I was referred to HIANS Energy Solutions Limited by a friend, who on the instance vouched of the quality of product and service(s) I was gonna get if I choose to work with the aforementioned company. At the completion of the installation I was overwhelmed with the quality of service I have received and the quality installation is the same standard I would have received in Europe. I was amazed to be short. I therefore would recommend HIANS Energy Solutions Limited to anyone whose looking to hire professionals to handle his or her solar energy installation no matter the capacity.

My life have been made better since the installation. Now it doesn't matter whether I am in Europe or in my home here in Enugu, Nigeria I enjoy electricity round the clock. Thanks to HIANS Energy Solutions!
Reply by Engr. Ikenna Obinwanne
14 Mar, 2019
Thanks u sir. This mean a lot to us. We appreciate.

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