Review of HIANS Energy Solutions Limited

Review of HIANS Energy Solutions Limited
Having a backup power installed for ur home is not an easy decision to make especially considering the associated costs and the high risk of running into a quack, who would make u regret every thought and money invested in such project. HIANS Technology Ltd was highly recommended by a colleague medical doctor friend of mine after narrating each time to me how much I was wasting on fuel for my Gen set. I happily told what looked like a fairy tale of how he had experienced uninterrupted power supply using a backup inverter installed for him by this same company some two-and-half (2yrs & 6months)years ago. He also assured me of the kind of prompt technical support this guys give to her customers. At last I was convinced having visited his home so many weekends a feel of his much talked about inverter system. Today my inverter backup have served me for a year and ten months (1yr & 10months) and still counting. It's an experience I cannot describe, as it can only be felt. I haven't had to worry about electric power for nearly to 2yrs now, with very very minimal (almost no contribution from my Gen set). I any now seriously considering integrating solar panels into the system to take over charging of my battery bank so can become independent of the national grid for my major loads. With this in place I'd have be generating 68% of my power requirement by myself and will only rely on the grid for the remaining 32%.

Reply by Engr. Ikenna Obinwanne
3 Oct, 2015
Thanks Doc. We really appreciate this important gesture. We can always count on our service.

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