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Review of PetsMart
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My review is on the Petsmart groomers in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. I have 2 Yorkies ( both weigh 7 pounds) when their regular groomer retired we had to find a new one. Since we bought all our pet supplies at Petsmart we figured we would give them a try. BIG MISTAKE!!!! Thank goodness I only took one of my pets. My poor dog looked like she had been given a haircut by a 5 year old. I was stunned and to make matters worse when they saw the look on my face they preceded to cut more of her hair to fix it, but they made it worse.To say I was livid is an understatement. I yelled at the groomer to stop! Petsmart says they guarantee your 100 percent satisfaction, that is a joke! Not only do they make you pay before you see your pet ($70.00), but no-one made an attempt to help me. They looked at me like deer caught in a headlight.
When I got home I immediately wrote to their home office. Not one person has ever made an attempt to contact me. Needless to say I will never return to Petsmart again.
Please note that the Plymouth, USA business you referred to above has no connection or affiliation with our business. Pets Mart Ltd (www.PetsMartNg) is strictly a Nigerian based business. Please check out our profile and our website.

Please re-direct your complain as your complain has nothing to do with us or our business. I wish you well in resolving your issues with them.

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