Review We feel like victims of fraud

Review of Auto Auction Mall

We feel like victims of fraud
Peter, Ana, and associates at auto mall have ghosted us completely after purchasing a car off THEIR website as “Runs and Drives” with “Dents and Scratches”. Really? 2 feet of the fuel line is missing. Literally when you turn the key forward, fuel profusely pours out of the fuel lines from the pump in the tank. How does it “run and drive” when the engine doesn’t start? Not to mention the danger it presents to my family, myself, and the environment. Our body guy in Northern Minnesota said “worst frame he’s ever seen on a vehicle 17 years old”. Probably pretty accurate seeing the rear cross member of the frame is gone. Why didn’t you advertise the vehicle as such? Other vehicles on your site clearly state undercarriage issues. Does a 100% rotten frame not qualify? You can also see where at one time it was a “Parts Only” vehicle on the windshield. Which is intentional deception of a consumer product. A few things we’ve learned. Your State Attorney General’s Office is always there to assist. We feel like victims of fraud and the law takes note to that.

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