Question for Femi Falana Chambers

Question for Femi Falana Chambers
Odusote Biodun
3 Apr, 2018
Can i sue a lawyer that embezze my family money and properties which my late dad is a beneficial.
This is the story my late grand father got a lawyer not a SAN to handle a properties of 18 flat at felele ibadan for 15years and use the money to complete the remaining 5 flats and he fail to do it. The lawyer collected 120,000 naira for rent per house for 15 years and no surplus for 120,000 times 18, then times 15years.
2... Sawmail was squnded he collected rent of 250,000 naira per year and no remittance to the family
3.. My grandfather submitted the WILL to Abeokuta high Court and he sign and now he failed woefully, no remittance or surplus of 10 naira was given to the family.

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