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Cinematography,Video Editing & Graphics Design

Price: #3,000 - #15,000
Video Production
• Aplombtainment Media specializes in events coverage, management and packages such as wedding, birthdays, naming ceremonies, wake keeps, house warming, etc
• We are proficient in working with professional high end equipment,
• We specialize in production process for the public sector, corporate and business clients.
• We offer full digital video production services, such as movie, music video shoots and documentaries
• Furthermore Aplombtainment Media is also into high “Digital Photography”
• We have and a youtube channel where we promote most of our works
• We have also worked with other International companies such as (,, to mention but a few, as their multimedia partners

Graphic Design
We create logos, business cards, posters and any graphics you require for your company. We are skilled and experienced with these programs:
• Photoshop
• Corel Draw, and are currently developing our skills on the usage of ink space and other graphics designing tools.

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