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After starting several businesses and helping over 200 persons easily start a business, I have come to the conclusion that turning skills/ideas into a profitable business is easy and achievable.

Turning your ideas and skills into a profitable business is a combination of the right vision, a workable system and well thought out execution. Ideas2ProfitableBusiness coaching session covers the fundamental requirements, concepts and strategies needed to build a profitable business.

During the coaching session you shall assist you to:
 develop a strong direction, values and policies for your business
 gain clarity on your product/services
 launch out viable product and services
 understand the dynamics of your ideal market, position yourself to attract more customers and create a winning sales strategy
 create a system to continuously find and keep the right customers
 create simple and result oriented marketing strategies
 create a process to easily convert leads to paying clients
 create a simple structure and systems around your business operations
 create a structure for vendor acquisition and management
 out beat competition by a minimum of 25%
 create a simple structure and systems to support your business growth
 launch a business project that ensures growth in your Value Offering, Customer Base, Finance and Asset
 create unique plans and strategies for achieving each business project
 create a simple and workable business model for your various arms of business

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