Macjames® MDSC-12 – Descaler/Scale Cleaner (APPROVED BY DPR: DPR/LAB/7302.5/Vol.4/24)is an innovative biodegradable descaler formulated and produced to dissolve and remove the toughest water scale, limescale, mud, rust, and other mineral deposits on metal surfaces from virtually any piece of water based and operated equipment. This innovative water scale remover is safe for personnel, equipment and our environment. Macjames® MDSC-12 – Descaler/Scale Cleaner is non-corrosive and does not corrode, pit, oxidize or have other damaging effects on materials as; iron, copper, fiber, rubber, steel, plastic, brass, ceramic, glass, titanium, nickel, stainless, and other materials associated with water-based equipment if used as directed. Most cleaning activities can be completed in few hours. Macjames® MDSC-12 – Descaler/Scale Cleaner is used in descaling water-cooled condensers, chillers, boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, pumps, cooling towers, boilers, tubes, pipes or equipment with water scale or rust deposits. Formulated with wetting and penetrating agents to dissolve deposits into solution, Macjames® MDSC-12- Descaler/Scale Cleaner is fast in action and cost-effective. It can be safely handled by personnel and circulated through your equipment or system without dismantling, and in some cases your equipment or system may continue to operate during cleaning. Being biodegradable, it can be easily and safely disposed in normal plant sewers in well diluted state as local regulations permit. This innovative descaler is used when economy, efficiency and ease of use are of maximum importance.
PACKAGING AND NUMBER CODES: 4Ltr- MDSC-12A: 20Ltr- MDSC-12B: 25Ltr- MDSC-12C: 200Ltr- MDSC-12D.
All in UV stabilized HDPE (plastic) containers (others on request).

NB: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Technical Data (information) Sheet (TDS) for Macjames® MDSC-12 -Descaler/Scale Cleaner are readily available for more information.

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