Laurels Montessori School

aurels Schools was borne out of passion for student and the need to bring them up academically, morally and spiritually to an enviable height.

Our resolve as clearly emphasized in our school anthem is – …to make the dull-bright; the bright-brighter; the sharp- sharper; and the neglected-prominent. Consequently, we do not neglect any child on admission. We watch out for the special learning needs of an individual child with our special skills, and provide the desired personalized services to help such child out of the learning challenges

Laurels is structured such that, we have provided an enabling environment for our pupils so as to enable them learn at their own pace Adequate measures are provided to enable others learn to cope appropriately. Children that could not do well in most schools in Port Harcourt and its environs got the magic touch of Laurels and are flowing. This, our parent can attest to. We are committed to doing more Our curriculum is both locally and internationally based. We have additional curriculum whose contents are internationally based. Most pupils that left after primary 6 are on scholarship in Lagos, Abuja, etc. In addition, most of our secondary school grandaunts have secured admission to top universities in Canada, London, Ghana among others

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