Breast Cancer

A collection of cancer cells that arise from the cells of the breast is known as breast cancer. Breast cancer is majorly seen in women, though rare but it also affects men. Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Physical examination of a patient is done that include armpits, chest area, breasts and neck area. A number of tests are performed for diagnosing breast cancer that include –

Sentinel lymph node biopsy is performed for checking the spread of cancer to the lymph nodes
Breast ultrasound that will view the presence of lump in fluid-filled or solid form
Mammography is also performed in order to indentify the breast lump or to screen for breast cancer
CT scan is done for checking the spread of the cancer
Breast biopsy is performed by using different methods that include stereotactic, needle aspiration or ultrasound guided
PET scan for checking the spread of the cancer

Types of Breast Cancer Surgery

A number of breast cancer surgeries are performed that depend on the characteristics of the tumor, the quantity of healthy tissue that is removed along with tumor or the tumor has metastasized or not. Sometimes the removal of the lymph nodes below the arm is done while performing the operation in order to see the presence of cancer cells. The different types of breast cancer surgery are –

Radical Mastectomy
Lumpectomy (wide local excision)
Modified Radical Mastectomy
Quadrantectomy, partial or segmental mastectomy
Total Mastectomy
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