liver cancer

The main reason for the liver cancer is the prevalence of hepatitis that is caused by contagious viruses, which predisposes a person to liver cancer. As liver is made up of several types of cells do their are the possibilities of forming different types of tumors their. Some of these are benign (noncancerous) and some are cancerous tumors that can spread to other parts of the body (metastasize).

Liver cancers include:

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)

Causes of the liver cancer:

Birth defect
Tobacco and over alcohol consumption
Chronic infection with disease such as hepatitis B and C
Fatty liver disease

Various treatments taken into consideration by physicians are:

Surgery- This is the most disease directed treatment that is done to remove tumors and some surrounding tissues. Different types of surgeries are as follows

Liver transplant

Thermal ablation- In this treatment procedure, electromagnetic heat waves are used to destroy cancer cells
Percutaneous ethanol injection- In this procedure, ethanol alcohol is injected directly into the liver to eradicate tumor.
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