Hernias can be present at the time of birth and can also develop in the later stages of life. When the abdominal cavity’s pressure increases, it may result in the formation of hernia. It include –

Chronic lung disease
Fluid in the abdominal cavity
Heavy lifting
A family history of hernias that increase the chances of developing a hernia
Straining during urination or a bowel movement
Benefits of Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

Quick recovery time and the patient can return to its daily activities earlier.
3 small incisions are made instead of 1 large incision.
Less postoperative pain.
A quick return to work.

Cost of Hernia Surgery in India

India is recognized all over the world for its surgical and medical expertise especially in the case of hernia problems. Cost-effective hernia surgery in India is yet another factor that attracts a large number of patients from across the world.Contact us by sending us your medical report and get best treatment at affordable price.

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