Bed Bug Kit For One Room And Parlour In Nigeria

Exthor and Pestman Bed Bug Killer Kit contains two powerful combination of maximum strength bed bug killer products guaranteed to provide total and rapid eradication of Bed bugs and their Eggs wherever they hide.
Incorporating Exthor Bed Bug Killer Spray + Pestman Bed Bug Killer Powder gives you enough advanced arsenal to ensure total extermination of Bed Bugs and their Eggs in two Bedrooms Flat, however heavy the infestation.

Exthor Bed Bug Spray and Pestman Bed Bug Powder is the only product in Nigeria market with unmatched positive reviews, and can eradicate all life cycle of bed bug infestations plus their Eggs.

Backed by 14days Money-back Guarantee and one full year protection warranty, you have a double reassurance that this nightmare is over.

Why Choose this Kit?

• Super Effective and Ordourless

• Kills Life Cycle of tough resistant strains of Bed Bugs and dries up their Eggs.

• Eradicates & Destroys Bed Bugs breeding nest wherever they hide

• Fast-Acting: Kills Bed Bug Instantly

• Long-Lasting Effect: Residual active effect for up to one year (this is especially good for protection if surrounding apartments are having bedbug)

• No toxic or aggravating smell, Safe for Do-it-yourself

For a step by step guide on how to apply, call or WhatsApp Us on 08030401157

With thousands of reviews on our Bed bug Treatment Kits, you are rest assured of total eradication of bedbug in one treatment, not multiple treatment, just once...

No need to pay so much to fumigators when you can Do-it-yourself safely.

Take action, order this Powerful Bedbug kit and bid Final Goodbye to Bed Bug. You deserve uninterrupted goodnight sleep, restore it now.

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