Ultra low volume machine (ULV)

Price: 380,000
Cold Fogger also known as ULV doesn't use heat, rather uses a high resolution rotor engine and compressor that able us eject the chemicals in liquid state to a gaseous or semi gaseous which can also be termed as Mist or aerosol fog.

This fogs comes out in a tiny microns of mostly between 10-50microns thereby earning the name Ultra Low Volume, ULV.

ULV is one of the best machines ever developed. Fast and smooth.

Most ULV run on Electrostatic that makes them less stressful to use and one botton start.

Infact ULV is the most ideal machine for Disinfection and Decontamination especially indoor

Which is what we use for our clients indoor Disinfectantion for more efficient Services.

ULV can do both Disinfection and Pest Control.

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