Social Work and Monitoring and Evaluation

Social Work:
This is a course that teaches us how to use community resources to improve the wellbeing of community members. Most persons are very much interested in working for the Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) either as volunteer or staff, but do not have the needed qualification, skills or experience to effectively carry out the job. The school of Salesmanship, helps to build the skills of these category of persons and at the same time provide them with the needed certificate to back up their experience in the field.
Monitoring and Evaluation:
This is the process of checking/observing that the resources put into an activity or project are achieving the desired result. It helps to ensure that the outcome and impact are in line with the objective of the project. Most businesses and projects fail today especially in government agencies, because there is no proper monitoring process put in place to check how that activity is being carried out. Monitoring and Evaluation, is gradually becoming a key area of work by the government and Non-governmental organizations, because of the importance attached to it.

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