Entrepreneurship Management

This is the ability to effectively manage your business to enable it grow from strength to strength. Most persons just learn vocational trade or because they have stumbled on resources, will decide to start up a business without the needed skills to effectively manage it. The result, is that, In less than 6-12 months, the business crumbles and it will be attributed to witchcraft in the African context.
An example is the situation of a person, who has served in government for 35 years and is paid his/her gratuity and immediately opens a shop or business without learning the basic skills on how to manage the business, my question is, what will be of that business in the next 6-12 months?. You can not deal with a customer the same way while in a government establishment and deal with them the same way while managing a private business. Customers, do not have options while patronizing government businesses, but have options when patronizing private businesses. That is why private business owners need to build their skills to be able to manage their businesses, so as to attract more customers and retain them.

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